God created us all for a purpose.

How God created Karen's business

One Wednesday night in January 2008 while working with the children's ministry, the leader decided we would show the girls how to make jewelry out of clay. I never used clay or made anything out of clay, we all learned together. As we started making the jewelry with the girls it was in it's primitive state. I became very interested in taking it to the next level and started making pieces that consisted of two layers of clay in different colors and different shapes. I would imprint the clay with different items before I would bake it. One thing led to another and I thought what about encasing beads or gemstones in the clay. So I started to wrap the clay around the beads and gemstones. I wanted to see if God would want me to continue with this craft and turn it into a business. So in July 2009 I did two craft shows and started to learn how the business world worked and asked God to show me if this is what He wanted me to do. The first show was average but the second show I was pleasantly surprised at the excitement of the customers. I did a third show in September and again pleasantly surprised at the out pouring interest in my craft. So I believe by doing God's work He created a business for me to share His awesome gifts He gives us.

...for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose... Philippians 2:12-18

True Vine Ministries is where Karen serves God.

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